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Tuesday 4th April


Opening Keynote Addresses

 Welcome to ParkexSteve Brown, BPA President



Debate of the day - Parking and the digital High Street

In 2015 the Government published its Digital High Street Report 2020 to ‘show how private, public and third-sector collaboration will future-proof high streets by using digital technology to generate billions of pounds of additional revenue.’So what’s been a success and are there still barriers that need to be addressed before the UK’s town centres and highs streets realise full digital capability? Our expert panel will discuss these issues and more.

Panel includes:

Phillip Dunkley, DCLG | Agata Samojlowicz ,  Innovate UK |  Fiona Ellis-Chadwick,  Loughborough University | Manny Rasores de Toro |  British Parking Association | Chris Wade, People & Places  


Placemaking - making accessible places and enhancing the customer experience

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalises on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well-being.

This session will include presentations of case studies by local authorities who are delivering against these principles and transforming the way we live, work and play in our communities.

Panel includes:

Ojay McDonald,  ATCM   |   Ralf Kernchen,  Save-a-Space (by Accelogress Ltd)    |    Colin Shields, WYG    |    Martin Blackwell  Department for Transport


How a review of customer service, led to the British Parking Award for 'Excellence in Customer Service'

Phoenix used the introduction of a new statutory process to create an award winning Customer Service Strategy.

Through the introduction of Customer Surveys, Mystery Shoppers, customer focused technology and external customer service assessment, Phoenix's Customer Service template has become the standard for others to follow. Phoenix were also the first and remain the only Enforcement Agency to survey the motorists who deal with our representatives and Enforcement Agents. Their feedback has led to a tailored recovery approach resulting in faster collections and increased recovery rates.

Carole Kenney, Customer Service & Performance Delivery Director, Phoenix


Networking Break


Transforming digital services - how technology and innovation is revolutionising parking services

Buzzwords like the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service are all around. But what do these mean in real terms? There is no doubt that technology and innovation is rapidly transforming the way we access and move around the transport network. But what role is parking playing in this brave new world. This session will hear from those who are at the forefront of change, with real world case studies that are delivering solutions now for a smarter parking experience.

Case studies include:

Jim Short, Smart Parking | Amir Sedadi,  IPS Group, Inc. | Lawrence Dudley, Parallax |  Thomas Hohenacker, Cleverciti Systems


Town Centre/High Street case studies

This session will showcase a number of local authorities, with demonstrations of how to improve the town centre and high street experience for the benefit of all. Examples of collaborative working and innovative solutions will all be on show.

Invited to Present:

Neil Herron , GRID with Westminster | Chris Reed ,  ProxiSmart/Sunderland | Martin Blackwell, Norwich BID 


Networking Break


Further Case Studies and Research - Improving the town centre and high street experience

Further case studies and research into improving the town centre and high street experience.

Case Studies Include:

Jonathan Hansford and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, Loughborough University   |   Martin de Heaver, Geomii   |   Kevin McKee, Guildford Borough Council   |   Amanda Masters, Experience Guildford   |   Paul Necus, Cambridge City Council

Wednesday 5th April


Opening Keynote

Daniel Zeichner,  Shadow Transport Minister


Debate of the day – Are you ready for a connected future?

The digital universe is expanding, not just data but also the devices that generate that data. With an ever increasing number of connected devices per person, the Internet of Things is slowly taking over the world. How is the parking sector preparing for this connected future? What are some of the challenges that those delivering parking services face today and in the immediate future? Our expert panel will explore these and other questions.

Invited Panelists include:

Rafael Cepeda,  oneTRANSPORT, Car Plus | Dr Graham Cookson,  Intrix  |  Dan Hubert,  Appy Parking  |  Spencer Palmer,  London Councils  Andy Graham,  White Willow Consulting


Electric vehicles - charging ahead but what is the true impact on parking?

The last three years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), including both hydrogen-fuelled and battery-powered EVs. Government is committed to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, and organisations are being encouraged to begin providing EV charge points. What impact will this have on the parking sector and what do Operators need to do now to prepare? This session will include presentations and discussion from experts in the field to help inform and advise about what needs to happen now and in the near future to ensure readiness. 

Speakers Include:

Natalia Silverstone, Pod Point | Robert Hughes, Power Star | Ed Shires, Strategic Fit


Networking Break


Data and standards - open data, personal data, where is it and who owns it?

With the development of new systems of data capture it is important that the right standards are in place from the outset. Governing the way data is captured and used will provide confidence to the customer and ensure that data systems are compatible in the future.

This session will explore what the parking sector is currently doing to achieve the desired outcome and will also ask how can we create the necessary standards that will be adopted by systems that are the new “consumers” of parking, and how can we make it easier for operators and local authorities to provide their data.

Panel Includes:

Paul Marjoram, Mobile Worker Plus | Paula Tighe, Wright Hassell | Eugene TsyrklevichParkopedia


Designing the car parks of the future…and maintaining the car parks of the past

The use of autonomous cars provides many different opportunities and challenges for the parking sector. Cars that can be parked with the aid of remote control could have huge implications for the design of car parks and the size of spaces. With these developments seemingly just around the corner, every car park owner/ operator has a duty of care to maintain the building in a safe condition for those persons in or about it whether lawfully or otherwise.

This session will include presentations and discussion to help car park owners and operators make vital business decisions about managing their facility while keeping a careful eye on the future of parking.

Speakers include:

Louis Fourie, Clayton Fourie Consultancy | Dan O’Hayer,  Emseal | Mark Potter, Potter and Holmes Architects


Networking Break


Payments - seamless payment methods and customer loyalty

The way we pay for things is changing rapidly with contactless and other systems becoming more commonplace, providing customers with more convenience and greater speed without the need to worry if they have enough cash. The parking sector needs to ensure it is keeping pace with a growing demand.

As consumers we now have access to more information and therefore choice about where to park and how much to pay. Parking apps, and in car sat navs alert users to the best priced parking spaces in the safest locations, close to favourite shops or restaurants and with added incentives.

This session will explore where the future of payments is headed and ask whether the parking sector is really offering customers the services that they want.

Speakers include:

Manny Rasores & Valentina Moise,   ParkCloud   |   Colin Johnson, Total Parking Solutions   |   Martin Hughes, Scheidt & Bachmann

Thursday 6th April


Debate of the day - Demonstrating professionalism in parking

The BPA continues to play a key role in raising standards and professionalism in the parking sector and aims to expand the role of the Association as the professional body representing the parking sector.

Promoting professional development, as well as recognising and rewarding excellence and professionalism is part of the BPA’s 5 year strategy and this session will hear from BPA members who are able to demonstrate this in practice, sharing best practice examples whilst discussing how others can deliver this in their own organisations.

Panellists Include:

Graham Footer,  DMUK  |  Robert De Beukelaer,  Agendum   |   John Mason, JBW


What is the BPA doing for me? Your association In Action.

BPA membership offers a range of benefits including networking, knowledge sharing and political lobbying. The largest professional parking association in Europe is working constantly on behalf of its members to raise standards and in this session you will hear from members and BPA officers about some of our recent work.

Speakers Include:

Anja Patel, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council  |  Derek Millard-Smith, JMW Solicitors LLP  |  Alan Wood, Penham Excel Ltd


Getting under the skin of parking

Recent recipients of the BPA’s John Heasman bursary discuss their research and share outcomes of their work.

Speakers Include:

Martin De Heaver, Kings College London   |   Peter Wood, Open University   |   Jan-Jelle Witte, Erasmus University


Networking Break


Parkex is 25! What next for the future of parking?

As Parkex celebrates its 25th show, what do those who were there at the first event think about how far the sector has come? And for those that represent the next generation of parking professionals, how do they feel about the sector now and what are their predictions for the future?

Speakers Include:

Harrison Wood, YourParkingSpace  |  Kelvin Reynolds, British Parking Association |   Nigel Williams & Keith Williams, Parking Matters  |  Simon Morgan, Institute of Highways Engineers | Ryan Williams, USLBeth Rutherford, NSL


Video Showcase

An opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their promotional and corporate videos in the Hub theatre.