Event Partner - PHOENIX


This is Phoenix’s third year as event partner for Parkex. We are very pleased to continue our support for the parking industry’s primary showcase for new services and innovation.

One trend we have noticed in particular over the last 2 years is the number of suppliers providing new and more convenient channels for people to find, book and pay for parking spaces. Customers are increasingly turning to mobile based technology to provide fast and easy access to any product or service - including the ability to pay bills and other debts. Those companies that can provide the easiest way for customers to interact with them will inevitably be more successful.

As one of the leading collectors of unpaid PCN debt for local authorities across England, Phoenix have long understood that the best way to prompt engagement with a customer is to communicate using the channels and tools that individual is using every day. This may be telephone based, online, or via the variety of mobile messaging applications now used by millions of people every day.

Of course, to choose the right channel for the right person, the ability to understand the different needs and preferences of a diverse customer base is crucial. Phoenix’s innovative techniques for analysing how our customers interact with us, and tailoring services to align with their needs, have been recognised through awards such as:

  • the 2016 British Parking Award for Exceptional Customer Service, and
  • the UK Cabinet Office’s Customer Service Excellence accreditation

Phoenix were the first and remain the only Enforcement Agency to survey the motorists who deal with our representatives and Enforcement Agents. Their feedback has helped us develop a tailored recovery approach resulting in faster collections and increased recovery rates.

Finally, we wish all organisers and attendees at Parkex 2018 another very successful event.